Payment and Delivery
How to pay
You can pay for the products you like in several ways:
– On the website by credit card Visa / Mastercard or through PayPal
– By cash or transferring money through Sberbank when self pickup (Moscow, Perovo station)
Packaging of your order
We pack each product carefully and securely, so you don't need to worry about safety when sent by mail or courier service.

In case your product was damaged during shipment we have described steps to follow in the section below "Did you receive a broken product?"
Delivery options and territories
  • Delivery of products in Moscow and St. Petersburg is carried out by CDEK.
  • If you want to order a delivery to other cities in Russia then please write in advance to We will carry out the calculation and agree with you the cost of delivery to your city.
  • Delivery across Europe (EU) and USA is carried out by the Post of Russia.

Did you receive a broken product?
In case your product was damaged during shipment you need to inform about it upon reception of the product at the point of issue !

The managers of the courier company record the damage, you fill out an indictment (sample of application will be provided to you), take a photo and inform us by mail ( that you received a damaged product.

The courier company reimburses us the cost of the product and the cost of delivery. After that a similar product of your choice is sent to you, or the money you paid are returned on your account.
We have answered the most common questions. If you did not find the information you are interested in, then do not hesitate to send your questions by mail:

We will be happy to help you!
Sustainable ceramics
Not only aesthetics, but safety, durability and
Small editions
The production in small quantities allows to avoid write-offs of excess, as well as to minimize usage of electricity
Lead free
The ware is covered with glaze which does not contain lead, cadmium and other substances harmful to health
Comprehensive control
The quality and safety of ware is controlled at all stages of production from the purchase of materials to final firing and delivery
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