The 'Spots' project is about making the environment in which we live simple and bright
Too Much!
When large amount of glaze is applied on utilitarian ware new colorful forms are being generated through firing process transforming them into decorative objects rather than functional.
Rock & Ware
The Rock & Ware series features utilitarian and quality ceramic objects that replicate organic textures and natural shapes.

  • Colors PANTONE®
  • Lead free glaze
  • Double firing: 920°C и 1180°C
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Limited editions
Vase 'Square circles'
SKU: BG-SquareCircles
Large vase with stepped profile from 'Black & Gold' series

Hight: 370 mm
Diameter: 210 mm
Volume: 6 liters
Weight: 5600 g
vlada ceramics
Black & Gold
The 'Black & Gold' series originated from
love to the Russian avant-garde and modernist architecture.

Sustainable ceramics
Not only aesthetics, but safety, durability and
Small editions
The production in small quantities allows to avoid write-offs of excess, as well as to minimize usage of electricity
Lead free
The ware is covered with glaze which does not contain lead, cadmium and other substances harmful to health
Comprehensive control
The quality and safety of ware is controlled at all stages of production from the purchase of materials to final firing and delivery
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